Our partners

To deliver our mandate, a partnership is vital.

SLADEA is a local Non- Governmental Educational Organization in Sierra Leone with a vision and mission aimed at:

Supporting all forms of adult education in Sierra Leone
Lower the alarming adult education illiteracy rate.
Teach our adult women—including the young girls who are rapidly maturing into adults — a variety of skills that will enable them to be functionally literate.

To achieve these SLADEA, partner with other NGOs engaged in human capacity building, literacy provision, youths empowerment and women’s empowerment so that the workload will experience good results.

This partnership has helped SLADEA in many ways.

With this partnership, SLADEA has got coping skills centres now called Continuing Educational Centers where adults are capacitated to be functionally literate.

It has also provided funds for abled men and women to be trained as trainers, writers, filmmakers, community leaders, and facilitators.

This partnership has also equipped SLADEA with the provision and use of funds provided by them for the work of SLADEA nationwide.

Some institutions and NGOs that have partnered with SLADEA in the past include CAUSE Canada, Finish Refugee Council (FRC),

(IRC) International Rescue Council, Christian Religions Council (CRC), Greene Scenery, FAWE, UNICEF, UNHCR,

UNESCO, and the World Food Program (WFP)

Partners presently partnering with SLADEA


Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World)


Ghana YMCA

NAEAL – Liberia

University of the Gambia


Xchange Perspectives

EPiZ - Information Centre for Development Education


Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE)

Future In Our Hands (FIOH)

Mankind Activities Development Accreditation Movement

Men's Association for Gender Equality Sierra Leone

YMCA - Sierra Leone

Conservation Society Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Network on the Right to Food (SiLNoRF)

Sierra Leone Opportunities Industrialization Centres (SLOIC)

Council of Churches Sierra Leone (CCSL)