Success Story: Emmanuel Amara (Bo)

September 18, 2023
2 min read
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My name is Brother Emmanuel Amara, I am living in Bo and I am a welder. We had a head teacher in our
community by name of Mr. Julius he told me about SLADEA. I went to SLADEA, register and they supply
me literacy and Numeracy books and uniform. When I started taking class the first thing that they gave
me to write on is Slate and Chalk. From there I went from stage one to stage three and later finished. I
told my brother that I want to continue with my learning and the church that I am attending presently
Zion Assembly of Church has a primary school. I went to the Zion Assembly of Church Primary School, I
met with the head teacher and explained to him about my enrollment. I told the head teacher that I
have never went to school but I have gone through SLADEA Adult Literacy Classes. He conducted an
examination for me, I took it and I passed. The head teacher said because I have never went to school
they will put me in Class five and I accepted then I started attending. When the first term result are out I
came first in my class and the head teacher promoted me instantly to Class six to take the N.P.S.E
Examinations. When I sat the N.P.S.E Examinations I got aggregate 255 and entered the St. Andrews
Junior Secondary School. When my B.E.C.E examinations result was out things were very difficult for me
as that time my brother is no more working. I went to SLADEA and met with the Coordinator Aunty
Kadie and explained my situation to her. At that time, Professor Joe. A.D Alie and Mr. Luseni were there
and Aunty Kadie took my result to them. Professor Joe. A.D Alie gave me a note to give my principal,
when my principal read the note I was then admitted and I started attending. But things get more
difficult for my brother and he advised me to acquire some skills because he cannot afford assisting me
in my school affairs because he is still not working and have to take care of the family and pay his
children school fees. Then I decided to go and learn welding and that is what I am currently doing but I
do have the intention to continue my education if I have the support.

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