Success Story: Fatmata Tarawally (Bombali District, Makeni)

September 14, 2023
1 min read
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My name is Fatmata Tarawally, I am living in Makeni and I am also working for Yeane’s Restaurant as a
kitchen staff. I entered SLADEA 2009 and graduated 2010. The Chairman SLADEA Makeni Branch by the
name of Alusine Kallon went to our village Mangey Loko and encourage us to enroll to SLADEA for them
to learn and acquire some skills even the person has never attended school. At that time I have sat to
my B.E.C.E examination and I passed but my parents couldn’t afford money to pay my fees. My parents
advised me, before I sat down and doing nothing it is better for me to enroll in SLADEA and it’s a cost
free. Twenty-Seven of us from our village started the course at SLADEA but I am the only one that
completed and graduated. My companions could not endure the distance everyday because from our
village to SLADEA is four miles. I used to walk four miles to go to SLADEA and four miles to return back to
my village. I have seen the benefit that I was struggling for; at first I cannot speak where there are many
people but know I can do that and I can take care of myself from my monthly salary.

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