Success Story: Ibrahim T. Kemokai (BO)

September 14, 2023
1 min read
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My name is Ibrahim T. Kemokai, I reside at Bo and I am an electrician. I heard about SLADEA when
someone people were passing in my area, telling people about SLADEA and encourages us to be part of
the Adult Education class. I came to the centre to do a follow up and the coordinator registered my
name. Before I enrolled I was a literate in Arabic but not in English, I was happy when they supply me
uniform and I started attending the class. They taught us lot of other subjects and I learned a lot at the
SLADEA centre. With the motivation that I had in SLADEA leads me to enroll in the normal school sector
to take my N.P.S.E examination and went to the National Islamic Secondary School. I stopped at SSS1
and I enrolled at S.L.O.I.C to do Electrical engineering.

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