Success Story: Isatu Fullah (Magburaka)

September 14, 2023
1 min read
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My name is Isatu Fullah, I am residing in Magburka and I am teaching at the R.C Boys Primary School. I
enrolled at the SLADEA Adult Education class 2008. One day I spoke with my husband that I want to
attend the SLADEA Adult Education Class because Pastor Ezekiel is part of it and my husband accepted.
After I graduated from SLADEA my husband told me to go and do a Teacher Certificate course but at first
I told him that I can’t because of my level of education. My husband later persuade me and give me
confidence that the way he sees I am writing I can do it then I enrolled and did my Teacher Certificate
(T.C). After completion I started teaching as a volunteer teacher and now they have started paying my
salary. People are surprise at me and I am using my story to motivate other women and also encourages
them to be part of the SLADEA Adult Education Class.

Listen to her story on Youtube: