Success Story: Kadiatu Koroma (Magburaka)

September 18, 2023
1 min read
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My name is Kadiatu Koroma, I reside in Magburka and I am a pastor and a cloth weaver. I started
attending SLADEA Adult Literacy class in the year 2003. The first year that I started the class I did not
pass my examination so I repeat again in stage one but I do not relent. I continued the class until I
graduated at SLADEA and went to the Technical Vocational Institute in Magburka to do two years
certificate in cloth weaving. My late husband father is the one who came with SLADEA in magburka, I
told him that I want to join the Adult Education Class and he included me. When I started taking class
people were laughing me and at that time I have given birth to my last child, but those same people are
admiring me for whom I have become today.

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