Success Story: Sheikh Mohamed Alieu Kanu (Mile 91)

September 15, 2023
2 min read
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My name is Sheik Mohamed Alieu Kanu and I am a born of Yoni Chiefdom, Bakra Village. I was engage in
farm work, when morning comes I used to take my tools go to the farm to work until dawn. I was at the
village when I decided to go to Magburka to learn Arabic. When I graduated at the Magburka Islamic
College then I returned back to my village to continue doing my farming activities. One day I was
listening radio and I heard the announcement about SLADEA Mile 91 branch and the announcement still
continues. So I went to SLADEA to do further investigations, when I met with the coordinator I then
asked him the cost but he told me its free and I don’t need to pay no money. When I went back to the
village I told my wife that both of us should enroll at SLADEA because it’s free and both of us should
make use of the golden opportunity that SLADEA is giving. Both of us started the Adult Education Class
at SLADEA for complete three years and we graduated with a certificate in SLADEA. After me and my
wife had graduated in SLADEA we did further studies and later enrolled at the Freetown Teachers
College branch in Mile 91. We are presently continuing our studies at the Freetown Teachers College
although we are at the verge of finishing. I have decided to give back by building a school, a Primary and
Nursery School. I am heading the Primary School and my wife is heading the Nursery School. I myself
have encouraged lots of people to come to SLADEA to learn because the people that created SLADEA
has got lots of blessing and I want myself too to benefit from these blessings.

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