The Sierra Leone Adult Education Association (SLADEA) believes the continuity of man's existence will only be fulfilled when we start creating a platform for young youths who are passionate, strong, and loyal to do something that will transform our country for the benefit of our upcoming generations. As an organization, we have responsibilities to leverage our passions, skills, and experiences to make a huge contribution to our country.
The Sierra Leone Adult Education Association has committed to engaging and following the ideology of its founding members, and its partners in GHANA, GERMANY, LIBERIA, TOGO, and THE GAMBIA to spread the concept of film-making in our Country and Africa. In Africa, the combination of a rich cultural heritage with new media and technological opportunities has led to the emergence of a new breed of storytellers; the independent filmmaker. These filmmakers cannot be divorced from his or her environment, and therefore play a critical role in contributing to positive social, and political development. In this way, film not only provides income-generating opportunities but also enables social development by providing a safe, creative space for new voices and ideas.

Since 2015, SLADEA including its partner WELTFILME.org has been training Young filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers in the art of film-making and Media for Peace. These beneficiaries are now Screenwriters, Directors, Camera Operators, Editors, and Producers whiles some have even established their Media production houses and some have gained employment in Civil Society Organisations. 


SIERRA LEONE ON THE RISE             2016

ON THE MOVE                                    2017

ALL ON BOARD                                   2018

MAKE A DIFFERENCE                         2019

RIGHT ON                                           2020

FILM FORWARD                                  2021

LOOKING CLOSER                             2022

MOVING BEYOND                              2023

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